Google Consent Mode v2: The New Update from Google

Feb 19, 2024

Google Consent Mode
Google Consent Mode
Google Consent Mode

CookiePlus supports integration with Google Consent Mode v2, enabling tags to work seamlessly with the Consent API. Start using it now!

Google first launched Consent Mode in 2020, a crucial feature for everyone, offering the advantage of enabling websites to use Google’s tracking technologies (Cookies) based on user consent while still maintaining the ability to analyze data or marketing targets.

In the digital era, users or data owners give more importance to User Privacy. Well-known laws or regulations from various countries, such as GDPR in the European Economic Area (EU) and the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) in Thailand, allow users to control their data. Users can choose whether or not to consent to websites and applications using their data for behavior analysis or advertising. This impacts businesses and marketers who rely on data for precise analysis and advertising. Consequently, Google developed the Consent Mode feature to allow websites and apps to collect data while still respecting User Privacy significantly (Read more about Google Consent Mode).

What's New in Google Consent Mode v2?

Consent Mode v2, launched in November 2023, is an advancement from the previous version, enhancing efficiency and compliance with legal requirements. It introduces new parameters for sending Consent States to Google Services and two new Consent Signals:

"ad_user_data": Defines consent for sending personal user data to Google.

"ad_personalization": Determines whether data can be used for personalized advertising (such as remarketing).

Consent State and Consent Types in Consent Mode v2

Google Consent Mode v2


Who Needs to Use Consent Mode v2?

Website and app owners and those advertising to users in the European Economic Area (EU) using Google services. But don’t assume that if you're not targeting EU users, you don’t need this. With more detailed data transmission updates and the capabilities of Conversion and Behavior Modeling, which measure the results of non-consenting users, and if you're already using Google services like Google Analytics 4 (GA4), Google Ads, Floodlight, and Google Tag Manager, CookiePlus recommends immediate action for effective data retrieval.

Which Services are Supported by Google Consent Mode v2?

Currently, Google Consent Mode v2 supports various Google services including:

  • Google Analytics

  • Google Ads (Google Ads Conversion Tracking and Remarketing)

  • Floodlight

  • Conversion Linker

Benefits of Using Google Consent Mode v2

Increased respect for user privacy: This allows users to have more control over their personal data in advertising.

Maintains campaign efficiency: Helps advertisers measure campaign effectiveness, even if users do not consent to cookies.

Integration with CMP: Supports integration with CMPs that support Consent Mode v2, such as CookiePlus, to simplify installation and ensure compliance with legal requirements.

How to Use Google Consent Mode v2?

CookiePlus, a CMP in the market, supports use with Google Consent Mode v2. It can be installed as a template in Google Tag Manager (GTM) to make tags work perfectly with the Consent API. This template provided by CookiePlus is ready for use in Google Tag Manager, simplifying code complexity and easing configuration

Start using CookiePlus for free to make your website compliant with Consent Mode v2 and meet legal requirements

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