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Feb 6, 2023


การตลาดเป็นของคู่กันกับความถูกต้องตามกฏหมาย PDPA เตรียมเว็บไซต์ให้พร้อมก่อนยิงโฆษณาด้วยการใส่ใจความปลอดภัยของข้อมูลผู้ใช้

Before launching a flashy website alongside investing in Google Ads advertising, the first strategy to ensure the budget spent is worthwhile is to plan and prepare the website comprehensively for sustainable profit after advertising. Especially in an era where marketing and PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act) compliance go hand in hand, the more attention paid to data security, the more trust is built.

What Needs to Be Prepared Before Investing in Website Advertising?

Having a Landing Page

As soon as users interact with the ads, they are directed immediately to our website. This is a crucial few seconds for businesses to make a lasting impression and persuade interested users that the website meets their needs, for instance, through discount codes, product or service purchase buttons, special promotions, delivery services, etc. A good first impression relies on a user-friendly webpage layout, making it clear what actions like payment process are required.

PDPA-Compliant Website Basics

Consent is the heart of business trust. Gaining users' consent is key to building customer trust, which is possible when a website is transparent in its cookie usage. This involves:

  • Asking for user consent, allowing them to choose whether to accept cookies.

  • Informing users about the data collected by cookies and their purposes.

  • Not activating cookies until consent is received.

  • Offering users the option to change or withdraw consent.

  • Storing website data as necessary or within legally mandated timeframes.

Installing a cookie banner

With marketing and PDPA intertwined, Cookie Popup/Cookie Banner is essential. It serves to request user consent before data collection and to provide detailed information about the use of different types of cookies. The cookie banner should appear immediately when the webpage loads, with clear and straightforward communication, such as:

  • Announcing the use of cookies and their purpose in simple language.

  • Providing options to accept or reject cookies in understandable terms.

  • Including a link to the Cookie Privacy Notice for more detailed information.

  • Offering settings to accept or reject cookies based on their types.

Indispensable Cookie Privacy Notice

The Cookie Privacy Notice on the website explains all cookies used. It should include:

  • An explanation of what cookies are, their purpose, and how they are accessed only with user consent.

  • Identification of the business operating the site and the purpose of the notice.

  • The benefits of cookies to users, such as remembering browser type, date and time of visit, and duration of website usage.

  • Detailed descriptions of all cookie types on the site.

  • The duration each cookie is stored on user devices, like Session or Persistent Cookies.

  • Cookie options, allowing users to disable cookies through browser settings and privacy preferences.

  • Regular updates to the Cookie Privacy Notice reflecting any changes.

  • Contact information for inquiries.

Page Speed

Don't Let Your Website Lag The faster a webpage loads and allows access to content, the more user satisfaction increases. This also earns favor from Google for higher search result placement. Aim for a loading time of no more than 2 seconds. Particularly during advertising campaigns attracting heavy traffic, efficient website management ensures a satisfying customer experience and effective ad conversion.

User-Friendly Website

Once users click on an ad and visit the website, maintaining their interest is crucial. This involves a user-friendly webpage design, offering what users need without obstacles, and leveraging UX/UI design, such as:

  • Intuitive: Users should immediately know what to do, like where to register or check prices.

  • Predictable: Users should get expected results from website interactions without guessing.

  • Minimalistic: Simplify by removing unnecessary elements and highlighting key parts.

  • Usability: The easier it is to use the landing page, the quicker the journey from interested visitor to customer.

Analytics, Events, and Conversion Tracking

Analyze and monitor conversion rates. Conversion is always sweet in business. Accurate tracking from the start to the end of a project, using tools like CookiePlus linked with platforms like Google Analytics, ensures PDPA-compliant conversion measurement.

In the privacy-first era, successful marketing hinges on building customer trust. CookiePlus stands out by bridging the relationship between users and websites with transparency through features like:

  • Easy scanning and categorization of cookies.

  • Detailed dashboards for daily consent reports.

  • Customizable cookie banners match the brand image.

  • Compatibility across devices and easy installation.

  • CookiePlus is a business growth solution in a privacy-first world, suitable for various business sizes and ensuring PDPA compliance, such as:

    • Unlimited data storage, regardless of pageviews.

    • Web traffic data storage ranges from 2,000 to 500,000 sessions per month.

    • User-friendly URL scanning and consent recording.

    • Data storage for 3 to 24 months.

    • Customizable banners are in the Basic Plan and above.

    • Google Consent Mode integration in the Basic Plan for effective marketing analysis.

Start using CookiePlus to adapt to the privacy-first business era, with a free plan for small websites. CookiePlus has an experienced team ready to answer all your questions and provide initial consultations free of charge.

Make your website's cookie usage and privacy compliant with regulations starting today.

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